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Marli Ivers, midwife stands with stephanie libs, local chiropractor, her partner and the birth team

Midwifery Care:


"When I first met Marli for my prenatal visits I felt an instant

sense of connection and comfort with her. She's so warm and

inviting and has a contagious laugh!


Throughout our prenatal care and in preparing for our

homebirth she was always available to answer our questions,

she always had such great ideas and was so supportive.

She would always ask permission before doing any procedure,

she would get my permission before touching me. She treated

us with such respect. We really gained a friendship with her

over the course of our pregnancy so when it came time for

the birth it felt like we were surrounded by friends rather

than medical staff.


Our labor was long! Very long! And I know deep in my soul that I wouldn't have lasted so long if it weren't for the love, dedication and support that Marli and the team provided. They kept me safe, nourished and most importantly, they kept me laughing! They really held the space for me to stay present and connected to my body and my baby. The birth was life changing and I'm so thankful Marli was on our team!


After the birth of our daughter I had a really tough time breastfeeding. Marli was available for me and came to our house almost every day. When she wasn't there she was calling and texting to check on us. She helped me when I didn't know what I was doing. She held my hand when I cried. She looked me in my eyes and listened to me, really listened to me. She's gentle and respectful with our daughter and makes us feel so comfortable handing her over to her. She honors the process of birth. We just love her! Thank you Marli!!! I can't wait to have another baby!"                            


"Marli was the perfect addition to our midwife team for the home birth of our son James. Every interaction was positive and she made our entire family feel at ease. For such an intimate life event I wouldn't have picked two better people then Marli and Nicole. Marli was confident in her approach while still allowing us to feel in control of our decisions during the process. She also happens to be an AWESOME person. And I am very lucky she was there to care for me and my baby as we worked together to bring him into the world. I am forever grateful and hold such wonderful memories of the entire experience start to finish. Thank you Marli!!!"


Body Balancing

"Marli is literally the best! I was having so much back pain and round ligament pain and one session of body balancing with her has completely made it go away! She is a magician! I will forever refer any pregnant person I know to her. She is also just such a well informed supportive person through my pregnancy. I couldn't ask for a better midwife."



Placenta Encapsulation Services:

"She was super quick, and even dropped the placenta pills back off at our house. SO easy. Once my pills were done she also helped me turn a few raw pieces into a tincture without charging me extra for her advice! She tailored everything custom to my needs, she was supportive and very respectful of how much of a blur those first few days after birth can be. She's amazing at what she does."



Labor Doula Services:

"Working with Marli was fantastic. We had her with us at both of our daughters water births. We chose to have our girls at Best Start Birth Center, and Marli meshed wonderfully with the staff there. With our oldest, Marli was with us starting in the early morning labor stages and she helped me progress and knew exactly what felt good with each surge. With our second, she sat with us eating burritos until labor got stronger and again knew exactly what to do and when to head to the birth center. Thank goodness she was there for number two, if she was not with us then, we likely would have had an accidental home birth because labor progressed very quickly! Marli is so knowledgeable and is so caring with her mamas. We are so lucky to have found her. I'd recommend her to any expecting mama however and wherever you choose to have your baby."



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