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As a labor doula, Marli's goal is to help parents to advocate for themselves and to experience their birth as a sacred event, no matter where their journey takes them. Marli has been doing doula work since 2012 in hospitals, birth centers, and at home.


Care includes:

  • Two prenatal appointments to better understand parents' needs and goals for their birth as well as to offer body balancing.

  • Counseling during these appointments on optimal maternal positioning, unexpected circumstances, and self-advocacy for pregnancy and birth.

  • Being on call for clients from 37 weeks until the end of their pregnancy.

  • Attending clients during labor, in their home, before they travel to their place of birth, or at their place of birth, as they choose

  • Emotional and physical support during labor and birth

  • Assistance for partners in their support of the birthing person

  • Support for self-advocacy and for decision-making 

  • Breastfeeding and immediate postpartum support for 2-3 hours after the birth

  • One postpartum appointment to discuss the birth, assist in the emotional and physical transition into parenthood, as well as to offer belly binding and breastfeeding support if desired

In the home birth setting, Marli's role can be much more varied to include other tasks that may be needed. 



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The role of a childcare doula is extremely dependent on each family and what they are looking for in their birthing experience. Some parents want their children to participate in the birth as much as possible. Others want someone to come and care for their children in another room during the birth. Children's reactions to birth are equally varied. Some children want to be very close to the birth process, while others need comfort in a separate room. 

The benefit of having a child care doula is that the parents can focus on the birthing process while keeping their other child(ren) near by and, if desired, involved in the process. This can create a helpful transition into the addition of a new family member. Being experienced as a nanny as well as a birth worker, Marli is equipped to guide, answer questions, and explain the process to the sibling(s) in her care. Most midwives say that the only times they see children upset at a birth is when they do not have a designated care giver who is willing to either be in or out of the birthing room with them as they choose. Marli has worked as a sibling doula for both home birth and birthing center births.